Facial Oils - How do they work?

Facial Oils are considered a type of emollient - which means they help soften and strengthen the outer layer of our skin (called the stratum corneum). Facial Oils do this by both softening and sealing it, which in turn prevents water loss, and stops your skin dehydrating. Additionally, facial oils derived from plants are usually anti-oxidant rich, which means that they will protect your skin from environmental free-radicals, which in turn break down collagen and elastin.

Typically when you hear the words "oil" and "skin" you might begin to worry. But in actual fact, the right face oil can put you on the road to the most radiant complexion. Facial Oils can not only work wonders on a large number of skin woes (calming, brightening, healing), but also can take your skin from dull to dazzling. 

As part of its natural process, our skin makes oils and lipids (fats), which prevent water loss from our skin and so keep it hydrated. If you think of the skin as a brick wall, the oils and lipids are what hold the bricks all together, and so can greatly enhance skin cell health. 

If you are new to facial oils, try using just a few drops, sparingly, into your morning or night time routine, and see how you get on. Then see how your skin shines!  

Breakout prone and worried about facial oils? As with any skincare products you use, we recommend cross checking the ingredients with cosdna.com. It's an amazing resource for looking up most skincare brands and their ingredients, to see if they are non comedogenic - which means they wont clog your pores and cause you to break out.  We of course, are proud that our Bedouin Elixir Facial Oil is entirely breakout safe and passes this test!